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from couch to bed

We have this neat piece of furniture. It is a seating arangement for lack of a better term.
This is a photo post

This is what it is supposed to look like.

This is what it often looks like as the children are always stealing the cushions

Sometimes it even looks like this

It is modular, the table can be on one side or the other or in the middle.
We have only had it set up as a couch since May, so for 6 months we have had a couch. I got really tired of having to set it back up, so I have taken it back to my bedroom where it will be a baby bed for K, just as we used it for Bear.

The bedroom before. Rubermaid tubs are full of toys!

K in the Co-sleeper set up as a playpen, she spends the first hour or so in there.

Take everything off

Put the four cushions back on, comfy enough for a nap, maybe a weekend, but not for every night.

Put another 3" foam mat on, or two, children not necessary (I haven't found my other one, feel silly having lost something that big!)

Cover with waterproof sheets and a flat twin. (because children never use top sheets.) and we have a baby bed that is just a bit lower than my futon (which is only 18"high)

Yup I turned our bed 90 degrees, and now I have to take down the playpen and put the toy bins someplace!
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