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A toy post

I took K for her Dr. Appointment by myself yesterday after I did some shopping! purchased track for the plastic train set. This was something that I had been thinking would be good for them, safely hidden up in my closet for X-mas

Other ideas of toys they just might play with
Put together and take apart airplane

and crane truck

Wooden car carrier from Melissa and Doug

They probably would appreciate R2D2 Potato Head

although Vader might also be accepted

or maybe storm troper?

Speaking of Star Wars, I am sure the boys would appreciate age-appropriate space ships, I know Playskool had a line.

Also Playfood that velcros together made of wood or fabric NOT PLASTIC!
We already have Melisa and Dough Pizza set and the "Cutting Food" set with bread and fruits and vegies.

I have also been looking for a good playset with bolts, nuts and boards.

This looks good from Aus

Plan Toys (which I have seen)

Anyways, the boys love Vehicles of all kinds and building.
K, having two older brothers does not need baby toys, but she does need clothes. I would suggest 12 month size.
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