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25th March 2015

5:14pm: 12 weeks

12 weeks

Let's see what do I need to update?
On Monday the 9th I had a confirmation Dr. apointment. pretty much pee in a cup, yes you are pregnant here are our services. I weighed 106.7
Monday the 16th I had an apointment at WIC, they weighed me at 107.1, K also was heavier, so scale differences, more than weight gain.

I made the general FB anouncement with this photo

big sister 003

Mainly because I wanted to share my latest sewing projects, especially this one.

dragonfly gown 004
FREE Gown pattern and FREE hat pattern

Today I went down to the college and noticed they have a breastfeeding room. While I kind of scoff at these rooms, it does have a chair and an outlet, so totally would work for pumping. Of course it is a room inside the bathroom.....

I haven't had nausea for several weeks, which is good. I have just over 1 week to get used to getting up at 5, currently dragin myself out of bed at 7....

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26th February 2013

11:02am: Rearanging the rooms
Background for those unfamiliar.
We live with family since my husband is no longer employed. He is in college now picking up more skills.
We have 2 rooms in the house, the Bedroom and the Family room.
The Bedroom was Cat's old bedroom, and all of us are in there. cat and I are in a Full/Double, Munchkin is in a Twin, t-Bear is in an extendable twin set to it's shortest length, K is currently in a makeshift bed.
We have gone through several different bed arrangements in that room trying to find one that gave us the most floorspace between bed, access to the window (so it could be opened and closed without standing on a bed) and separation between beds.
We tried Cat's Old bunk bed, but the youngest two were deemed unsafe with the bed (they were fighting and trying to push each other OUT) the bunk bed is 66" high.

This was what the bedroom looked like yesterday, the Kids dresser is not in the middle of the room, but down in the grey rectangle. and Munchkin's bed is actually 82" long, not 92" I put the measurement wrong into CAD.

So I measured the room and all the furniture in it, put that into CAD and started moving things around. I came up with this
image heavyCollapse )
I also have a plan for the Family room which severs as Computer, Sewing, and Play space, but this post is long enough!

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12th December 2012

10:43am: 12-12-12
What a Day today is.
PaBear is having his skin graft, Cat is down helping his brother move back up. (though he will be Downtown with his GF, not here)
Hopefully everything goes well.
Yesterday Cat had his Art final, looks like he gets a 3.8? He is glad that he didn't have to leave his drawing books there for a few days while they were graded. If you know him, you know he doesn't go anywhere without a drawing book! He has his Linix finall tomorrow.
It is not snowing, and hopefully doesn't while Milo is moving.

Friday we had to pick Munchkin up from school. he was in full defiant mood, knocking over chairs trying to keep me from taking him home. He was upset he didn't ride the bus home, but the teacher had made the call that he was not going to cooperate on the bus.
Saturday we did our running around, We got the needles for the vintage toy machine, but it isn't working.
Yesterday Tuesday I get a call at 9:30 to pick up Munchkin. School starts at 9. so I bundled up the other two and walked to school. Evidently the fact they had called Mom was enough to shape him up and he was working properly and it was determined I didn't need to take him. I got home at 10:30. Not bad time, there was melting snow on the ground. He had gone into the classroom ahead of the rest of the class and no one knew where he was. He also had a bit of a fit over being given crayons over colored pencils. I blame Cat for that one, he doesn't like drawing with crayons.
Munchkin copies his father a lot, and will take Cat's opinions as his own.

Gift sewing is going well, I did stab my thum really well and so the hand sewing is slow, also my right hip is acting up from using the machine a lot.

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1st July 2012

7:04pm: Yesterday I was having a small identity crisis.
"Is MOM all I am going to ever be? Does anyone want to read this current research project that is going to take me 3 months at least to finish?"
Cat thought that I needed a second moniter to do my work (honestly he is right, I am using mutlpile applications at a time (net, photo, doc, pdf) and yes I HAD to be using all those at the SAME time to do this research. He went to the 2nd hand computer store and picked up a $60 moniter. Comes home and plugs it in. Evidently I have a bad port on my video card. So after mich poking and proding and trying of things, I now have 2 moniters. It required putting in an older secndary video card. 2nd moniter is thus VERY slow, co no good for internet useage, but good for text!

We took the kids to CDA to an awesome toy shop and grandma got them each a toy. K got Melisa and Doug Horse barn (she loves horses!) Bear got a  M&D doorbell keyed lock dollhouse, Munchkin chose an M&D suspension bridge for the wooden trains. The boys LOVED playing with the Calico Critters tree house though, so I probably should finish up the wooden castle I got for them and then furniture and dolls.

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28th March 2012

11:50am: Yesterdays progress
I did
  • switched over all magazines
  • gave my notice to rental office
  • made dinner plans for the next 2 days
  • boxed some books
  • pulled out more and listed them on other journal. CHEAP BOOKS!
  • Mailed in form to get kids medical records
  • found out where the closest branch of my bank is.
  • Learned there IS a Trader Joes in downish town.....
  • Printed out a custom Word search for the Munchkin!
  • Paid credit card bill
  • took out recycle (Tues) and garbage (Tues and Fri?)
To do
  • more boxing of books (hope to get more boxes
  • chatting to computer? cell phone rep about moving of coverage. oy I think I will just deal with that when I get up there! But the store is located by Fred Meyers so that's close! (we were guessing in the mall!)
  • clean out pantry more figure out what meals we can make to use up most of what is in there!
  • coordinate with Brid and gather up box of goodies for her.

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27th December 2011

12:26pm: third day of Christmas
On the third day of christmas The children woke up to find the christmas mice had put in their stockings:
Bear - Cars 2 Car
Munchkin Lightning McQueen socks
K - Wooden train engine.

Yup I gave Munchkin socks because he had opened K's stocking gift the day before. he he he!

Last night we went to BJ's for dinner, the GF pizza is good, but Munchkin didn't eat it. K was wild and random.
Then home for opening gifts.
Bear got a plastic tinker toys set and a childs version of PVC pipe!
Munchkin got a gear set (moving monkey?) and shape cards.
k got a baby doll that we could not remove from the box fast enough for her. and clothes. She was very happy!. She also showed her skill at using scissors.

Tonight we will open gifts from Cat's sis, then I will be ordering and purchasing from the other relatives who sent $$
I think I can make it last for 12 days!

I am enjoying my gifts from Cat. Plants vs Zombies is entertaining, the kids have even played it. Also Gmod is fun, though I am such a noob at FPS that I am slow. I let the kids play in my puter while I did something else and Bear was shooting at cat, so cat put him in a box 9all in game) this made bear mad and he went to hit and throw things at cat. It was funny but wrong.

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26th October 2011

12:04pm: location secured!
Today I went and secured the location!
$100 deposit, and we want to leave it clean so I can get that back!
We will be able to start setting up at 11:00, but the party will start later than that.
We will be the FIRST to use it, as the recroom is not yet open. (supposed to open on the first) So they would like any feedback on the use of the room.
Guests must park on the street!
We can be in until Midnight, but are likely to be out earlier.
No pans in the kitchen, so we will bring our own.
They will set up a few bufet tables for us.

We can NOT put anything on the walls or ceiling, but the lights are dimable!

Now on to the pics!
behind the cutCollapse )

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6th September 2011

3:45pm: 4 days of Kindergarten down
So Far i have learned that:
I do not have enough time to turn on the computer during those 2 1/2 hours when Munchkin is gone. So that time is used for Cleaning and projectyness. (Today I finished my shift, well enough to try it on, hem and neckline still need finishing!)
Bear plays with K without Munchkin.
Having muffins ready to go into the oven from the fridge is an awesome breakfast (and muchkin school snak)
Lunch is screwy! Today Cat came home just before I left as he needed to do something. It's just wonky timing to have lunch around 1:15
Bear does not like walking. I got him to walk longer this morning by singing songs.
Munchkin is a twit at school just like at home.

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25th August 2011

11:30am: Last night I had a dream about my upcoming birthday party (3 months out and I haven't made anything!!!!!)
We were trying to set up in a half empty hardware store. I wanted to have access to a door to the outside, which there were several to choose from. the guy in charge was really helpful about getting curtains set up so that the shoppers would not be crashing the party, but they could still get to the aisles they needed. eventually I settled on an indoor greenhouse section of the building. yes it really was glassed in, compleatly inside though, no windows! to attach curtains to. the space was small, the size of my kitchen actually!
Okay, I need to start doing more!

Last weekend we tried to have a video chat with my in-laws. their connection was so slow that MiL called on the phone and only seemed to talk about our poor finances. No mention of them coming down, like she had mentioned ever so cassually last time we had talked (a month a go?) Yeah I wasn't really expecting to see them. I saw them in 2005 at my wedding for 2-3 days. 2007 (munchkin was 1) for about 4-5 days durring which the menfolk wired up the office, we did get to Monterey bay aquarium though. Then we saw them in 2009 for SiL's weddong, again 3 to 4 days and Bear was 1.
Oh wait, we did meet up with FiL for a few hours when Munchkin was 9? months.
We have seen Milo and SiL a bit more frequently than that.
1,000 miles away. I am not willing to fly right now.

My parents say they are coming down soon! Last time I saw my mom was for K's birth, it's been longer for my dad.

I really want to go to the Costumer's guild Bazaar on Sunday, but maybe I should clean instead? I am thinking of asking my guests if there is something they want me to keep an eye out for? Cat gave me a limit of $150.

Tomorrow we should find out which time slot Munchkin is in for school.
8:30 to 11:30 I would have Cat take him to school, and I would get him in time for Cat to be home for lunch.
9:30 to 12:30 we would all be out the door at the same time. and it would interfere with Cat's normal lunchtime. BUT I wouldn't have to get up as early!

GAH too much going on!
No I haven't found out when gymnastics classes are held for Bear.

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23rd August 2011

4:16pm: She's a good girl
K had her 15 month check up today.
34", 25 pounds

She was terrified of the exam room!

The appointment was at 10:00 so I walked quickly there 2 miles, in about 40 minutes arriving at 10:05!

Then i sit and wait, and wait, and watched most of Disney Cars. Finally I ask. the appointment was schedualed for 11:00! I show the card they had writen, which clearly has 10 on it. apologies all around!

We get through the check up Dr. asks about what K is drinking for milk. I ask "Cows milk?" and Dr. again seems happily surprised that K is breasfeed, but yes she gets cows milk too. Then Dr. asks about sippy cups and I reply that she uses one about half the time, and before I can finish Dr. assumes the other half is the bottle. Uh no the other half is with regular cups, and me right there helping her. No bottles! I am a stay at home mom with good milk supply, why would I need or even want to do bottles, more dishes, no thank you! Having to pump, store, and yes clean, no thanks.

I hope to continue breastfeeding her for longer than I did with the boys since I do not intend to have a pregnancy to interupt. I feel that Bear was weaned too soon. He needs snuggles.

Speaking of pregnancy I have not had a cycle yet, which is longer than with the boys. Yes, I did take a pregnancy test and it came negative.

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16th November 2010

5:54pm: from couch to bed
We have this neat piece of furniture. It is a seating arangement for lack of a better term.
This is a photo post
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7th November 2010

3:40pm: this is where I am at
it is dreary here, Baby K is unhappy, no clue why....

Thursday Oct 28th,
Cat's computer keyboard has been finicky for some time, it will drop keys, or certain keys get stuck. The fix is to unplug and replug it in. So He did this with K on his lap. She being miss grabby-grabby, grabbed the Hot Tea! Luckily she was not burned, but the keyboard was done in. A rather proper old death for a keyboard.
Aww K's first electronic kill!

Friday Oct 29th,
We had a rental car and went to Fry's Cat is most happy with his new logitech keyboard. back-light is red, blue or purple and it isn't just a stock color you can customize it a bit, cool and gadgety. The part he is liking the best is the 12 G keys that are programmable in the 3 Modes. he uses it most in flight sim.

Since we had our first child almost 4 and a half years ago, Cat has gone through about 3 mice and 2 keyboards, many deaths were attributed to harm caused by children. (Munchin chewed and slobbered on a mouse)

Saturday October 30th we went to Aunt and Uncles for carving pumpkins.

Sunday October 31st we went to Hillar Air Museum.

I think it was Tuesday that after the children were bathed and I was dressing K I heard Munchkin say "I go potty like this" and I look up to see him standing at the toilet! My imediate responce was I don't want to clean up puddles! He didn't actually need to go potty though, and since that episode has not tried standing up.
But I did put him in big boy underwear the time after a bath as he hasn't had an accident at home in some time.

Friday Nov 6th
did 20 loads of laundry after ignoring it for two weeks. there is still more to do.

Today Sunday Nov 8th
sorted through baby clothes, put more away, pulled out the 12 month stuff, most is rather boyish, so that will be worn at home.
K does not fit in 6 months, few 6-9 months fit, some 9 months are too small, most of the 12 month clothes are a bit big. (except gerber onsies, those are too small)
Munchkin is in size 5 for blanket sleepers, 4 for everything else, though he has a few 5 in shirts.
Bear is in 3, though some 2 pants fit, short little bear legs are growing.

K being miss grabby is going after everything! she wants to stuff food in her mouth, even tries to drink out of cups.
She is not doing a full crawl, but she does get to sitting up, and sits unsupported all the time! She is even pulling up on to her knees! She was on the floor the other day and had pulled up to be kneeling on the side of my bed, was terribly cute!

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19th October 2010

10:38am: laughing at anothers pain
is a bad thing, but unavoidable at times.
Case in point:
Munchkin comes crying from his room. "Ouch that hurts, that really hurts, ow I hurt myself with the bendy track. I need to the boo-boo-bear. boo-boo bear make it better."
The minute it is in his hands, quiet.
Bear comes out puts his hand on his brothers shoulder comfortingly. "Mama gave you the boo-boo bear"

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11th October 2010

1:01pm: ugh
I am really REALLY tired of certain political adds showing up as banners on my e-mail, LJ and FB. I have decided against said candidate because they advertise soooo much.

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9th October 2010

7:58pm: today's crazies
Cat needs a new mouse, I have a library book to pick up.
We tromp across the freway to local computer store, they have the mouse he wants for $5 less than Frys which is farther away from us. I also select a mini mouse for $12 for the children, it fits their hands better. Bear carried it around and showed "my mouse" to any adult who would listen
We get to library. I had a special book to pick up so go ahead of the line to talk to librarian, as the little sign says I am to do. If you are going to use the self checkout(for all books that are not behind the counter) you wait in line. evidently I upset a guy in the line who came up to me and said something along the lines of "I was waiting in line" and I explain that I have a special book behind the counter to pick up and don't have to wait in line as the sign said. Evidently he also needed to talk to an actual person because he didn't have his card with him, but was waiting in the line. Which he shouldn't have done, he should have gone up to the librarian. Sorry dude, you were wrong, I was right.
But I didn't have a book to pick up?! boy did I look stupid! Get home and check my e-mail, yup it wasn't a your book is in e-mail it was a sorry we can't find it. They look so similar, I am used to scanning over them.

Cat in his wisdom had said that we would go to the park behind the library. I wish he hadn't. It is a walk to get there and the children didn't want to leave. We all needed food pronto and Bear was wanting to be carried. Later he said "maybe we shouldn't have gone to the park." and I gave him a look.

I just typed in an Italian children's book we have. Pandi Automobilista.
Very cute but we couldn't read it. luckily it translates to a cute story. now to print it.

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29th September 2010

11:38am: dinner on three bucks a meal
copying from Twila

On NPR there was an interview of a women who was having a hard time feeding a family of three on $70 a week. Her kids get free breakfast and lunch at school for 5 of the seven days... So we are really talking the dinner meal only. So $10 a dinner that's $3 and some change per person per meal.

So that's my experiment for next week, anyone else want to try it? It doesn't matter if your single or a couple or have 7 kids... $3.33 person. I'm looking for recipes and documentation of the cost. I plan to send it in to NPR to prove it can be done.

$3.30 per person per meal. Baby doesn't count. another reason why breastfeeding is awesome, it's cheap!

so my family would be 13.20 per day, 92.40 per week, food only. that sounds doable.

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14th September 2010

11:20am: A toy post
I took K for her Dr. Appointment by myself yesterday after I did some shopping! purchased track for the plastic train set. This was something that I had been thinking would be good for them, safely hidden up in my closet for X-mas

Other ideas of toys they just might play with
Put together and take apart airplane

and crane truck

Wooden car carrier from Melissa and Doug

They probably would appreciate R2D2 Potato Head

although Vader might also be accepted

or maybe storm troper?

Speaking of Star Wars, I am sure the boys would appreciate age-appropriate space ships, I know Playskool had a line.

Also Playfood that velcros together made of wood or fabric NOT PLASTIC!
We already have Melisa and Dough Pizza set and the "Cutting Food" set with bread and fruits and vegies.

I have also been looking for a good playset with bolts, nuts and boards.

This looks good from Aus

Plan Toys (which I have seen)

Anyways, the boys love Vehicles of all kinds and building.
K, having two older brothers does not need baby toys, but she does need clothes. I would suggest 12 month size.

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16th August 2010

12:47pm: Firefly dream
I wish I could write Fan fic. that Doctor Who dream I had a while ago would still make a good story.

Anyways this was an awesome opening scene that I saw in my dream this weekend. Hubby laughed when I told him.

set: dining room
River is going nuts, making loud noises while banging through the pots and pans, food containers and dishes. Muttering things like "where are they? I need to find them"
The crew comes in and someone (probably Mal) asks her what she is doing. she doesn't stop but answers "I am looking for the children"
Someone answers that "there are no children on the ship"
She is still looking in the creamer dish, being crazy as always. Some of the crew are trying to put things back together.

Then a baby cries off screen. River has a look of "I told you so" on her face. Zoe instinctively says "Wash, go get the baby" Wash instinctively heads out of the room, all seems normal. He gets to the doorway, stops turns around with a shocked/puzzled look on his face. At about the same time everyone but River and especially Zoe and Wash says "BABY?!" River seems to think this is all normal.

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12:32pm: Play kitchen ideas
I had an idea for a folding play kitchen, so I found a cardboard box that is just the right size and made a full scale cardboard mock up!

All folded up. this is the range side of it. of course the oven door doesn't actually open, structural stability of cardboard and all the that.

then we pull out the sink. the legs on it are trianguar and the bowl is not in it, because of the structural stability of cardboard and all the that. the faucet would slide into the back board of the range, but isn't modeled.



Then the back has a table that folds out


The box the range is made out of is 24" tall, which is armpit height on little Bear, 12" wide and 13" deep

We have decided not to do the fold out table, it doesn't add much to it and with my children, makes it less stable.
The boys have been playing with it. the back board of the range came off, the sink gets pulled all the way out, but otherwise it is still together.
The Hubby and I need to go over the design and decide on materials and hardware then I can make the finished pattern.

what do you think?

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11th August 2010

2:21pm: Breastfeeding talk
Last week was World Breastfeeding Week.
It is still National (US) Breastfeeding Months.
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21st June 2010

2:25pm: life
has it's moments, but I haven't tried being dead yet, so what do I know. Or at least I can't remember being dead....

So On weds Hubby's Uncle/Boss had a heart attack. Hubby maned the office for Thursday and Friday.
Today he was in the office. Of course he isn't supposed to drive himself so his Lovely Wife drove him and I am sure that she will not let him stay too long at work. I told hubby to not come home until Uncle had gone home.
Men! We knew that Uncle would try this, he is that sort of guy.

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13th May 2010

10:27am: past due date humor
Today's Horoscope in SF paper

In the end it's somebody else's choice to make - not yours. Take yourself off the hook.

If everyone had been ready to go weeks ago when you were then there wouldn't be a problem. But they weren't and a late start is better than no start at all.

Snicker Snort!

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30th April 2010

11:50am: Weds was to b a midwife appointment. Munchkin wk up in th middle of Tuesday night complaining that he hurt and grabbing his tummy. So I calld in and asked t reschdual. I was not wanting to risk him puking on the bus. Next appointment is Monday.
Munchkin and Bear are snotty-nosed and coughing, but not that bad off.
So instead we did laundry and got groceries later in the day. After sleeping in that is.

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4th February 2010

12:03pm: Doctor Who dream
Like many whovians I have the occasional Doctor Who themed dream. Last nights was especially good.
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Then I woke up with a leg cramp and heartburn, yay pregnancy!

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13th January 2010

3:11pm: What is Marriage to you?
Here in California it is a big headline in the news as Prop 8 is back in the courts.
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