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12 weeks

12 weeks

Let's see what do I need to update?
On Monday the 9th I had a confirmation Dr. apointment. pretty much pee in a cup, yes you are pregnant here are our services. I weighed 106.7
Monday the 16th I had an apointment at WIC, they weighed me at 107.1, K also was heavier, so scale differences, more than weight gain.

I made the general FB anouncement with this photo

big sister 003

Mainly because I wanted to share my latest sewing projects, especially this one.

dragonfly gown 004
FREE Gown pattern and FREE hat pattern

Today I went down to the college and noticed they have a breastfeeding room. While I kind of scoff at these rooms, it does have a chair and an outlet, so totally would work for pumping. Of course it is a room inside the bathroom.....

I haven't had nausea for several weeks, which is good. I have just over 1 week to get used to getting up at 5, currently dragin myself out of bed at 7....
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