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Rearanging the rooms

Background for those unfamiliar.
We live with family since my husband is no longer employed. He is in college now picking up more skills.
We have 2 rooms in the house, the Bedroom and the Family room.
The Bedroom was Cat's old bedroom, and all of us are in there. cat and I are in a Full/Double, Munchkin is in a Twin, t-Bear is in an extendable twin set to it's shortest length, K is currently in a makeshift bed.
We have gone through several different bed arrangements in that room trying to find one that gave us the most floorspace between bed, access to the window (so it could be opened and closed without standing on a bed) and separation between beds.
We tried Cat's Old bunk bed, but the youngest two were deemed unsafe with the bed (they were fighting and trying to push each other OUT) the bunk bed is 66" high.

This was what the bedroom looked like yesterday, the Kids dresser is not in the middle of the room, but down in the grey rectangle. and Munchkin's bed is actually 82" long, not 92" I put the measurement wrong into CAD.

So I measured the room and all the furniture in it, put that into CAD and started moving things around. I came up with this

bedroom 1
Now I have moved all the beds around, but the room doesn't look like this just yet.
K is still in the makeshift bed which is 27" wide and 77" long, she is in the corner. We are looking to get her an extendable Ikea bed like T-bear's

Source: via Corsetra on Pinterest

The tall dressers (in the closet in the top image) SHOULD JUST fit between the kids' beds. which would be great as that is Cat and I's underwear storage, though in reality we only use 3 out of 6 drawers for socks, undies, long underwear and jammies.

So here are some pictures of how the room looks NOW (messy since everything was moving around)
clothes on wall
first order of business was moving the beds and finding another place to put the hanging clothes. (there IS NO MORE dresser space!)
But this is ugly, and I am worried about accidently pulling the clothes down, or just having them fall on me, so I put up a sheet.
bed in closet

You can see the end of K's beds in the above pick, bellow is what their beds actually look like.
kids beds

In the lower left is a lounge chair made up for sick child to sleep in. this will not stay, but once we get K into a new bed there SHOULD be enough space for the sick chair to be set up between the feet of our bed and the kids, so that is good, it is only used when someone is sick, otherwise it is out of the room.

Now we have a few issues
1. the need for more clothes storage.
2. the desire for curtains around my bed.
3. this view
ceiling vew from bed
that is what I see when looking up from my pillow.
So starting with issue 1. putting the clothes on the wall covered by a sheet is OK for things rarely accessed, but at that point you might as well put them in boxes or bins in other places. I think we may be better suited to put up a clothes rod over the kid's dresser, moving the clock to another wall. See second photo.
I want to put drawers under Munchkin's bed for his clothes. the kids are getting bigger so their clothes do not fit into 2 of the drawers in that dresser. Munchkin's bed is home made and could be modified with new legs, or actual drawers built in. Unfortunately for the bed arrangement, he will only be able to pull out a drawer 20" and the top 20" of the bed would be blocked by the tall dresser (if they stay)
Perhaps two rows of drawers under munchkin's bed? shirts, pants, undie and socks, then jammies, and the two blocked drawers would be seasonal storage?

I don't want to invest in making/buying any furniture that won't be useful when we have different housing arrangements. (which was one of the arguments against a loft bed for Cat and I)
I will probably invest in some under bed storage bins for under the other beds.

Iris 58 qt underbed sotrage, hinged lid box 39"d X 20"w X 6.5"h $20 something

Storage White Wire Underbed Cart, 6.5"Hx24"W $15

Iris Wide underbed storage drawer 27"w x 23"d x 6-1/2" h 20 something

Now for the 2nd and 3rd issues, which are not as pressing. *I* want curtains, I want privacy from the children. I shouldn't need to spell that out for you. We have had children in our room since our eldest was born. oh sure that was a few weeks just before k was born when we had moved the boys to their own room.

I want to do this to take care of the beautiful network wires

The big problem with curtains is that shelf above the bed. IT NEEDS TO BE THERE! it is holding extra bedding (our guest bedding) and seasonal clothes as well as some costumes. The shelf is currently a bit bellow the opening of the closet, but I could raise it up a bit so that the underside is lever or just higher than the shelf.(see first, second, and last photo)
Ideas for curtains are thus:
1. curtains at ceiling level with an additional one under the shelf to fill in that hole.
2. curtains dropped down to be under the shelf.
I want them square and slightly larger than the bed, not draping onto the bed at all.
there are some track systems one could use, like IKEA's Kvartal which has a corner piece which was used in this example

or ther is the very DIY method of eye bolts in the ceiling as this example

What if I wanted to drop the curtains and have a canopy at under shelf height?
Well then I have to look at something longer comeing down from the ceiling in the corner, I found that you can get shower curtaiin rods in 18" or 24" lengths, so that may be the solution for that issue.

I also have a plan for the Family room which severs as Computer, Sewing, and Play space, but this post is long enough!
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