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What a Day today is.
PaBear is having his skin graft, Cat is down helping his brother move back up. (though he will be Downtown with his GF, not here)
Hopefully everything goes well.
Yesterday Cat had his Art final, looks like he gets a 3.8? He is glad that he didn't have to leave his drawing books there for a few days while they were graded. If you know him, you know he doesn't go anywhere without a drawing book! He has his Linix finall tomorrow.
It is not snowing, and hopefully doesn't while Milo is moving.

Friday we had to pick Munchkin up from school. he was in full defiant mood, knocking over chairs trying to keep me from taking him home. He was upset he didn't ride the bus home, but the teacher had made the call that he was not going to cooperate on the bus.
Saturday we did our running around, We got the needles for the vintage toy machine, but it isn't working.
Yesterday Tuesday I get a call at 9:30 to pick up Munchkin. School starts at 9. so I bundled up the other two and walked to school. Evidently the fact they had called Mom was enough to shape him up and he was working properly and it was determined I didn't need to take him. I got home at 10:30. Not bad time, there was melting snow on the ground. He had gone into the classroom ahead of the rest of the class and no one knew where he was. He also had a bit of a fit over being given crayons over colored pencils. I blame Cat for that one, he doesn't like drawing with crayons.
Munchkin copies his father a lot, and will take Cat's opinions as his own.

Gift sewing is going well, I did stab my thum really well and so the hand sewing is slow, also my right hip is acting up from using the machine a lot.
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