corsetra (corsetra) wrote,

Yesterday I was having a small identity crisis.
"Is MOM all I am going to ever be? Does anyone want to read this current research project that is going to take me 3 months at least to finish?"
Cat thought that I needed a second moniter to do my work (honestly he is right, I am using mutlpile applications at a time (net, photo, doc, pdf) and yes I HAD to be using all those at the SAME time to do this research. He went to the 2nd hand computer store and picked up a $60 moniter. Comes home and plugs it in. Evidently I have a bad port on my video card. So after mich poking and proding and trying of things, I now have 2 moniters. It required putting in an older secndary video card. 2nd moniter is thus VERY slow, co no good for internet useage, but good for text!

We took the kids to CDA to an awesome toy shop and grandma got them each a toy. K got Melisa and Doug Horse barn (she loves horses!) Bear got a  M&D doorbell keyed lock dollhouse, Munchkin chose an M&D suspension bridge for the wooden trains. The boys LOVED playing with the Calico Critters tree house though, so I probably should finish up the wooden castle I got for them and then furniture and dolls.
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