corsetra (corsetra) wrote,

Yesterdays progress

I did
  • switched over all magazines
  • gave my notice to rental office
  • made dinner plans for the next 2 days
  • boxed some books
  • pulled out more and listed them on other journal. CHEAP BOOKS!
  • Mailed in form to get kids medical records
  • found out where the closest branch of my bank is.
  • Learned there IS a Trader Joes in downish town.....
  • Printed out a custom Word search for the Munchkin!
  • Paid credit card bill
  • took out recycle (Tues) and garbage (Tues and Fri?)
To do
  • more boxing of books (hope to get more boxes
  • chatting to computer? cell phone rep about moving of coverage. oy I think I will just deal with that when I get up there! But the store is located by Fred Meyers so that's close! (we were guessing in the mall!)
  • clean out pantry more figure out what meals we can make to use up most of what is in there!
  • coordinate with Brid and gather up box of goodies for her.
Tags: move to wa
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