corsetra (corsetra) wrote,

4 days of Kindergarten down

So Far i have learned that:
I do not have enough time to turn on the computer during those 2 1/2 hours when Munchkin is gone. So that time is used for Cleaning and projectyness. (Today I finished my shift, well enough to try it on, hem and neckline still need finishing!)
Bear plays with K without Munchkin.
Having muffins ready to go into the oven from the fridge is an awesome breakfast (and muchkin school snak)
Lunch is screwy! Today Cat came home just before I left as he needed to do something. It's just wonky timing to have lunch around 1:15
Bear does not like walking. I got him to walk longer this morning by singing songs.
Munchkin is a twit at school just like at home.
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