corsetra (corsetra) wrote,

She's a good girl

K had her 15 month check up today.
34", 25 pounds

She was terrified of the exam room!

The appointment was at 10:00 so I walked quickly there 2 miles, in about 40 minutes arriving at 10:05!

Then i sit and wait, and wait, and watched most of Disney Cars. Finally I ask. the appointment was schedualed for 11:00! I show the card they had writen, which clearly has 10 on it. apologies all around!

We get through the check up Dr. asks about what K is drinking for milk. I ask "Cows milk?" and Dr. again seems happily surprised that K is breasfeed, but yes she gets cows milk too. Then Dr. asks about sippy cups and I reply that she uses one about half the time, and before I can finish Dr. assumes the other half is the bottle. Uh no the other half is with regular cups, and me right there helping her. No bottles! I am a stay at home mom with good milk supply, why would I need or even want to do bottles, more dishes, no thank you! Having to pump, store, and yes clean, no thanks.

I hope to continue breastfeeding her for longer than I did with the boys since I do not intend to have a pregnancy to interupt. I feel that Bear was weaned too soon. He needs snuggles.

Speaking of pregnancy I have not had a cycle yet, which is longer than with the boys. Yes, I did take a pregnancy test and it came negative.
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