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it is dreary here, Baby K is unhappy, no clue why....

Thursday Oct 28th,
Cat's computer keyboard has been finicky for some time, it will drop keys, or certain keys get stuck. The fix is to unplug and replug it in. So He did this with K on his lap. She being miss grabby-grabby, grabbed the Hot Tea! Luckily she was not burned, but the keyboard was done in. A rather proper old death for a keyboard.
Aww K's first electronic kill!

Friday Oct 29th,
We had a rental car and went to Fry's Cat is most happy with his new logitech keyboard. back-light is red, blue or purple and it isn't just a stock color you can customize it a bit, cool and gadgety. The part he is liking the best is the 12 G keys that are programmable in the 3 Modes. he uses it most in flight sim.

Since we had our first child almost 4 and a half years ago, Cat has gone through about 3 mice and 2 keyboards, many deaths were attributed to harm caused by children. (Munchin chewed and slobbered on a mouse)

Saturday October 30th we went to Aunt and Uncles for carving pumpkins.

Sunday October 31st we went to Hillar Air Museum.

I think it was Tuesday that after the children were bathed and I was dressing K I heard Munchkin say "I go potty like this" and I look up to see him standing at the toilet! My imediate responce was I don't want to clean up puddles! He didn't actually need to go potty though, and since that episode has not tried standing up.
But I did put him in big boy underwear the time after a bath as he hasn't had an accident at home in some time.

Friday Nov 6th
did 20 loads of laundry after ignoring it for two weeks. there is still more to do.

Today Sunday Nov 8th
sorted through baby clothes, put more away, pulled out the 12 month stuff, most is rather boyish, so that will be worn at home.
K does not fit in 6 months, few 6-9 months fit, some 9 months are too small, most of the 12 month clothes are a bit big. (except gerber onsies, those are too small)
Munchkin is in size 5 for blanket sleepers, 4 for everything else, though he has a few 5 in shirts.
Bear is in 3, though some 2 pants fit, short little bear legs are growing.

K being miss grabby is going after everything! she wants to stuff food in her mouth, even tries to drink out of cups.
She is not doing a full crawl, but she does get to sitting up, and sits unsupported all the time! She is even pulling up on to her knees! She was on the floor the other day and had pulled up to be kneeling on the side of my bed, was terribly cute!
Tags: number 3, potty training
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