corsetra (corsetra) wrote,

today's crazies

Cat needs a new mouse, I have a library book to pick up.
We tromp across the freway to local computer store, they have the mouse he wants for $5 less than Frys which is farther away from us. I also select a mini mouse for $12 for the children, it fits their hands better. Bear carried it around and showed "my mouse" to any adult who would listen
We get to library. I had a special book to pick up so go ahead of the line to talk to librarian, as the little sign says I am to do. If you are going to use the self checkout(for all books that are not behind the counter) you wait in line. evidently I upset a guy in the line who came up to me and said something along the lines of "I was waiting in line" and I explain that I have a special book behind the counter to pick up and don't have to wait in line as the sign said. Evidently he also needed to talk to an actual person because he didn't have his card with him, but was waiting in the line. Which he shouldn't have done, he should have gone up to the librarian. Sorry dude, you were wrong, I was right.
But I didn't have a book to pick up?! boy did I look stupid! Get home and check my e-mail, yup it wasn't a your book is in e-mail it was a sorry we can't find it. They look so similar, I am used to scanning over them.

Cat in his wisdom had said that we would go to the park behind the library. I wish he hadn't. It is a walk to get there and the children didn't want to leave. We all needed food pronto and Bear was wanting to be carried. Later he said "maybe we shouldn't have gone to the park." and I gave him a look.

I just typed in an Italian children's book we have. Pandi Automobilista.
Very cute but we couldn't read it. luckily it translates to a cute story. now to print it.
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