corsetra (corsetra) wrote,

dinner on three bucks a meal

copying from Twila

On NPR there was an interview of a women who was having a hard time feeding a family of three on $70 a week. Her kids get free breakfast and lunch at school for 5 of the seven days... So we are really talking the dinner meal only. So $10 a dinner that's $3 and some change per person per meal.

So that's my experiment for next week, anyone else want to try it? It doesn't matter if your single or a couple or have 7 kids... $3.33 person. I'm looking for recipes and documentation of the cost. I plan to send it in to NPR to prove it can be done.

$3.30 per person per meal. Baby doesn't count. another reason why breastfeeding is awesome, it's cheap!

so my family would be 13.20 per day, 92.40 per week, food only. that sounds doable.
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