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Doctor Who dream

Like many whovians I have the occasional Doctor Who themed dream. Last nights was especially good.
I pretty much only saw the last few scenes.
Setting is a Middle Eastern palace type place. A Woman named Miriam comes into the room and anounces that sha has the last piece of the puzzle that will make her lover human again. On the floor of a very large room are small domino sized stone tables. light in color and with Hebrew words written on them in black. Each stone has one word. the stones are not as regular as dominos, they vary in thichkness and the edges are irregular, but smooth. the stones with  יהוה (Yodh He Waw He) on them were different. the black writting had been gone over with white, so the leteres were barely visable. We come to realize that this is the Torah all on little stones.
The Lover charector is invisable, but has a human shape as we see he picks up the stones. He obviously has an ulterior motive, while Miriam is blindly doing his bidding out of a sence of love.
Now the two of them find Special YHWH stones in this whole line up and touch them together. As they do this the Lover charector now tells us his motive, he wants to be the Messiah!
The stones touch together and there is a flash of light. At this point we also hear the Tardis. The lover is destroyed in the flash of light but we do now see a man with dark brown hair in a white robe with a brown over robe kneeling weakly on the ground.This we are lead to know is Jesus.
The Doctor runs into the room and helps Jesus up and escorts him out of the room to the Tardis. The Doctor then takes him back in time to when he was resurected from the grave.
Back in the modern story Miriam is blind, it is her punishment she was bland to what her Lover really wanted and so she didn't get to see the true messiah, nor the Doctor who is watching her as the police type figgures help her from the ruins of the palac. She does turn and look in his direction, not really seeing him, and the doctor bristles a little. Then the camera pans back to Miriam and she hears the Tardis.

Now obviously this story could never be done as it would offend Jews by saying Jesus was the messiah, and it would offend Christians as well.
But I do think it is a good story to come from a dream!

Then I woke up with a leg cramp and heartburn, yay pregnancy!
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