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What is Marriage to you?

Here in California it is a big headline in the news as Prop 8 is back in the courts.
One of the things that has come up recently is this qoute

"The traditional definition of marriage does not reflect animus against gays and lesbians," attorney Charles Cooper said in court papers.
"It simply reflects the fact that the institution of marriage is, and has always been, uniquely concerned with promoting and regulating naturally procreative relationships between men and women to provide for the nurture and upbringing of the next generation," Cooper wrote.

From SF Chronicle Prop 8 Trial Begins Today Monday Jan 11th, 2020

So what does this mean to couples past their reproductive years, who are unable to naturally reproduce, or have no intention of reproducing?* should they be disallowed Marriage and instead granted Domestic Partnerships?

And if Marriage is so important for naturally procreative relationships, what does this say about those who procreate out of marriage, or those who divorce? **

So Back to the Title of this post: What is Marriage to You?

Is it a legal status?
A religouse/spiritual bond?
An emotional state?

Asking someone to Marry you is saying "I want to make a formal and public decree to be with you for a long time" "I have chosen you over the other fish in the sea"

My Husband and I never had an official engagement, he never asked me to marry him.

We got married mainly for the Legal reasons, and so that certain family members would be quieter about our situation.

I do not doubt that in the dissolvement of the relationship between parents of children, that having a Legal Marriage has it's benefits when it comes to custody and child support. I can't say this for certain having no personal experience and knowing that laws vary from stat to state.

There is a differnce between the words Spouse and Partner. Sexual relations are highly likely between Spouses, not so between Partners. considering the amount of business partners one can have

Back to my personal experiences. Calling Cat my Boyfriend always felt so temporary and low. I never liked the term Fiancee. Calling him my Husband is a great emotional high. I chose him and he chose me, and it is out there for the whole world to see.

This entry is Public, BTW

*I am fine and dandy with any couple who, as a couple, decided not to have children. I do get offended at those who say that I shouldn't have children because of overpopulation or what have you.

** I am not saying that divorce should be illegal, no, not at all. When a partner is no longer activly working towards the marriage, it should be able to be dissolved, and in the case of abuse, well it can truly be the best option.

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